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NO Planes, Trains & Automobiles

As one of the newbies at the FIRM, I was keen to attend every social gathering going; even Friday night drinks with the old-timers. One guy in particular, Big Fat … Continue reading

10th March 14 · 159 Comments

Sex acronyms, Tax services and a Canadian Beaver

I know what you’re all thinking… WHAT the fuck is this post going to be about? Well, it’s another classic Frat-Pack email exchange but in order to fully appreciate it, … Continue reading

25th February 14 · 92 Comments

The Heist – Part I

We ALL do stupid things when drunk. Admittedly some more so than others but the common factor every time is that it always seems to make perfect sense. … One … Continue reading

25th February 14 · 99 Comments

The Heist – Part II

Read Part I here Of course, the whole gift gesture was supposed to be a surprise but after a quick assessment of the lamp, I realised that this was no … Continue reading

25th February 14 · 104 Comments

His friends call him Nova. As in…

Casanova. Womanizer. Lothario. Clearly words that you wouldn’t use to describe me. But over the years I’ve had the pleasure of observing some true masters at work. And my pick … Continue reading

15th February 14 · 86 Comments

The Balance Sheet

I promise I’m working on some new stuff. But in the meantime… It dawned on me recently that for a blog that has the word ‘Office’ in its title, I … Continue reading

4th February 14 · 77 Comments

You call that a cock block? This is…

The following is a genuine email exchange that took place between me and the Frat-Pack towards the end of my trip to Africa in ’12. … Forwarded conversation Subject: Last … Continue reading

3rd February 14 · 95 Comments