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NO Planes, Trains & Automobiles

As one of the newbies at the FIRM, I was keen to attend every social gathering going; even Friday night drinks with the old-timers. One guy in particular, Big Fat … Continue reading

10th March 14 · 159 Comments

Smithson vs Curious – The Ones That Got Away

So I was wondering the other day whether there were any women out there who were as ‘unlucky in love’ as I appear to be, when I stumbled across this … Continue reading

25th February 14 · 68 Comments

The Heist – Part I

We ALL do stupid things when drunk. Admittedly some more so than others but the common factor every time is that it always seems to make perfect sense. … One … Continue reading

25th February 14 · 99 Comments

The Heist – Part II

Read Part I here Of course, the whole gift gesture was supposed to be a surprise but after a quick assessment of the lamp, I realised that this was no … Continue reading

25th February 14 · 104 Comments

His friends call him Nova. As in…

Casanova. Womanizer. Lothario. Clearly words that you wouldn’t use to describe me. But over the years I’ve had the pleasure of observing some true masters at work. And my pick … Continue reading

15th February 14 · 86 Comments

What? A story that’s not about sex?

For those of you that are new to the site or just haven’t read ‘the Lead’, I’m Tamil (Sri Lankan). Why is this relevant? Well a reader from Canada said … Continue reading

14th February 14 · 126 Comments

Negotiating with Hookers – The Second Golden Rule

# 2 – Always heed caution if the one hour price (or pro rata equivalent) is less than £100. If they are willing to service you for less, they must … Continue reading

13th February 14 · 82 Comments

Smithson vs Juniper – Chris Martin

In addition to naked women and awesome playlists, strip clubs are also great as they’re almost always quieter than the local haunts. And the extortionate price of drinks usually ensures that … Continue reading

11th February 14 · 70 Comments

Smithson vs Girl Seule – The Threesome

When you’ve watched as much porn as I have, there are certain things you inevitably want to experience for yourself. And for me – and I imagine many guys – … Continue reading

7th February 14 · 97 Comments

The Balance Sheet

I promise I’m working on some new stuff. But in the meantime… It dawned on me recently that for a blog that has the word ‘Office’ in its title, I … Continue reading

4th February 14 · 77 Comments

Order the hot wings before your date

Since separating from my ex-wife, I’ve only really ‘dated’ one girl. Really? But you seem like such a catch Sean. I know, right? Okay, so I get that a large part … Continue reading

16th January 14 · 200 Comments

Turn up with a guy who has more money than you

I think I first met Christina back in ‘05 as I was still on XY’s graduate programme at the time. Following a minor ticking off from management about my billable … Continue reading

5th January 14 · 78 Comments